benefits page

The Flinn Scholarship offers comprehensive financial and programmatic benefits, the latter extending far beyond undergraduate study into Scholars’ personal and professional development after graduation.

The Flinn Scholarship Program, in partnership with Arizona’s three state universities, provides enriched educational offerings that expand a Scholar’s life and career options while creating the kind of stimulating, intellectually challenging environment that students might find at the nation’s most selective colleges.

The value of the scholarship, including the tuition provided by the universities, exceeds $115,000. But there are comprehensive programmatic benefits of becoming a Flinn Scholar that can be just as valuable and rewarding.

The Flinn Scholarship benefits include:

  • The full cost of tuition and mandatory fees, plus room and board;
  • Funding for a three-week summer seminar after freshman year in China and at least one additional travel abroad experience;
  • Funded participation in the Professional-Leadership Internship Program, exclusively for Flinn Scholars, at an Arizona company or organization;
  • Mentorship from top faculty and exposure to local and world leaders, including Arizona’s leading business, civic, and academic minds;
  • Fellowship in an extraordinary community of about 80 current and 480 alumni Scholars;
  • Membership in a university honors college/program, with the many amenities it provides, such as small classes, guest lectures, and research experiences;
  • Intellectual, cultural and social activities developed exclusively for Flinn Scholars by both the Foundation and the universities.