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2018 Flinn Scholarship application opens

August 28, 2017

By Amy Pitney

2018 Flinn Scholarship application opens

The Flinn Scholarship Program announces the opening of the 2018 application for current high-school seniors. The deadline to apply is Oct. 23.

Read below and explore www.flinnscholars.org to learn more about the Class of 2018 application process and its requirements. The link to the application is found below.

Next spring, 20 of the most outstanding high-school seniors in Arizona will be selected as the 33rd class of Flinn Scholars. Would you like to join this absolutely brilliant, fun-loving, globe-trotting community of young adults ready to make a difference in Arizona and the world?

Then do it!

The due date for the Flinn Scholarship application is Monday, October 23, 2017.

Before you start your application, familiarize yourself with the process described here and elsewhere on our website, including this information-session presentation. Then follow the application link below and begin what might become the most rewarding experience of your life so far.

How the Flinn Scholarship Application Works

The Flinn Scholarship application is comprised of:

  • forms that collect biographical and family data and information about current studies, extracurricular activities, and employment;
  • three essay questions and five short-answer questions;
  • two teacher recommendations, submitted separately by your teachers;
  • a report from your high school’s academic counselor, submitted separately by your counselor (and, at the option of that academic counselor, a letter of recommendation if he or she knows you well enough to provide one);
  • a copy of your transcript, uploaded by your counselor;
  • copies of your SAT and/or ACT score reports, sent directly to the Flinn Scholars Program (enter Code 2175). Scores from the September 9 ACT and October 7 SAT do count for our process.

What are the 2018 Flinn Scholarship essay questions?

  • Beyond enhancing our education system, what one change would you implement to improve the quality of life in Arizona to benefit future generations if you had unlimited money or resources? Why?
  • What person, class, book, or experience has most significantly changed the way you think? How?
  • Which amendment to the United States Constitution is most important? Please defend your opinion.

This Is Important

It is your responsibility to ensure that all application components are submitted and received by the Flinn Scholars Program by the deadline. The deadline for applicants is Monday, October 23, 2017. The deadline for teacher and counselor recommendations is Friday, October 20, 2017.

The application season is an incredibly demanding time for your teachers and counselors; they deserve advance notice if you would like them to write recommendations, and will likely welcome polite inquiries as the deadline approaches to confirm that they have been able to submit the recommendations.

Note: You cannot submit your completed application until your teachers and counselor submit their recommendations.

Application Tips

In scope and value, the Flinn Scholarship is unlike almost any other undergraduate scholarship in the United States. In fact, there are only a handful of states with strictly merit-based awards that compare: Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia. That’s about it.

Learn more about the Flinn Scholarship’s benefits and requirements, as well as review tips and frequently asked questions, from these six sections of our website:

International Travel
Professional-Leadership Internship Program
Details for Applicants

Now, it’s time for you to apply.

Ready to begin?

Start your Flinn Scholarship application

You may send questions about the application process to application@flinn.org.