ARM yourself against ovarian cancer at 2nd Annual Tea for Teal event

January 28, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: EV Living] – For the second year in a row, the Anne Rita Monahan (ARM) Foundation will host Tea for Teal, a high English afternoon tea, to fund ovarian cancer research taking place at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen.)

This year, ARM is looking to nominate an outstanding ovarian cancer crusader at Tea for Teal. The 2010 Anne Rita Monahan Crusader Award will recognize a cancer crusader who has made contributions for cancer awareness and has displayed determination and perseverance in their journey. In order to win, the nominee must be present at Tea for Teal but does not have to be a person with ovarian cancer. The award can go to a relative or friend who has a special journey or experience and that continues to be a crusader for ovarian cancer.

For more information: ARM Yourself Against Ovarian Cancer at 2nd Annual Tea for Teal Event