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Must-have civic-leadership resources

January 21, 2011

By The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership

As we continue building out the website for the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, we’ll occasionally use this space to remind you where on the site–and beyond–you can find various resources from the Center. Those resources include our directory of local and regional civic-leadership programs and our Reading Room, where you’ll find key reports and institutional resources with important information about Arizona.

The latest addition is a page on the site featuring resources for members of the Arizona Civic Leadership Collaborative. The first resource we’ve added to the page is a presentation from the initial gathering of Collaborative participants, where the Center’s director, Nancy Welch, introduced the Center and gathered feedback to help drive the Collaborative’s activities.

You can also find documents and presentations like this posted to the AzCCL ScribD page, which enables the embedded version below:

[scribd id=47540020 key=key-269jxudm77c5iqzn0hu4 mode=slideshow]

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