Flinn Scholars Summer Public Policy Institute

The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership in June 2021 hosted the first Flinn Scholars Summer Public Policy Institute with more than 40 current Flinn Scholars participating in the inaugural institute.

The two-day virtual event was a modified format of the prestigious Flinn-Brown Academy, where experts in public policy present to Flinn-Brown Fellows on current state-level issues. The institute’s topics included state government and budget, K-12, higher education, health care, tribal and rural affairs, criminal justice, election processes, and civic participation.

Here is what five Flinn Scholars had to say about the Summer Public Policy Institute:

“The Public Policy Institute was exciting to me because of the speakers, but also because I was able to hear real examples of various parts of policy, rather than just learning about it or participating in mock activities. I would definitely attend another Summer Public Policy Institute next year!”—Max Bregman (2020)

“The institute granted me exposure to many areas of public policy that I previously had no idea I was interested in, which has motivated me to keep learning and expanding my knowledge about these different topics of discussion. I truly enjoyed the discussions that took place during this event, and I appreciated the patience the speakers had to answer all of the beaming questions we had.”—Priscilla Villalobos Ixcotoyac (2020)

“I enjoyed witnessing professional difference of opinion in real time. It was very insightful to be able to address some complicated or charged topics in a professional setting with educated individuals.”—Emma Mason (2019)

“It was a two-day experience that caused me to reflect on my knowledge and remove myself from a vacuum of opinions that affirm my own. Very broadly, I learned more about what public policy looks like to professionals who actively work in their respective fields, and also that there is no singular truth or reality, but a collection of people who pursue a vision of Arizona in their own way, based on their own experiences.”—Erin Broas (2018)

“I really appreciated the breadth of speakers invited. It allowed us to have a brief exploration of many areas and gain knowledge from those heavily involved in their respective fields.”—Daniel Nguyen (2017)

If you have any questions related to the institute, please contact Jennifer Papworth.