$1.2M pool available to medical-device startups

May 17, 2012

By hammersmith

BioAccel Call for Applications

BioAccel in partnership with BioInspire (The City of Peoria medical device incubator) is looking to provide affordable incubator facilities and invest up to $300,000 in early-stage medical device companies as part of its New Venture Development Program (NVDP).

The BioAccel Commercialization Programs are created to fill the expertise and financial gaps that prohibit important technology from being developed and commercialized. The Programs are designed to translate novel scientific advances and discoveries into commercially viable devices that improve patient care and advance public health. The programs build upon the philosophy of venture philanthropy as a mechanism to bring resources to the Life Sciences and are focused on stimulating and accelerating technology development. BioAccel’s approach to venture philanthropy is milestone-based and outcome-driven. This results-oriented approach facilitates the development and commercialization of the most promising technologies.

Remainder of Call for Applications available at BioAccel website.

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