Flinn-Brown Fellowship

Arizona needs your leadership.

The Flinn-Brown Fellowship helps experienced civic leaders from throughout Arizona expand their knowledge, skills, and networks to help address Arizona’s long-term issues.

Flinn-Brown is the flagship program of the nonpartisan Arizona Center for Civic Leadership. It offers:

  • Unparalleled learning about Arizona policy and politics through the Flinn-Brown Academy;
  • Connections with top state leaders and policy experts;
  • Membership in the powerful Flinn-Brown Network; and
  • Personalized long-term support for civic-leadership development.

About 25 Arizonans are selected each year for the Flinn-Brown Fellowship in a highly competitive application and interview process. The 2024 Flinn-Brown Fellows were announced in May.

Who becomes a Flinn-Brown Fellow?

To see the full breadth of the Flinn-Brown Network, visit the Flinn-Brown Directory.

Flinn-Brown Fellows:

  • Are experienced civic leaders from tribal, rural, and urban communities across Arizona;
  • Represent sectors of Arizona’s economy from industry and business to nonprofit and government;
  • Are recognized experts in their fields;
  • Possess diverse perspectives, political positions, and policy experience.

A program that welcomes strong points of view

The exchange of many perspectives, and direct engagement with complex public-policy issues, is a core aspect of the Flinn-Brown Fellowship. Another Flinn-Brown hallmark is the expectation for respect, civility, and the development of relationships with those holding different perspectives. Participants in the Flinn-Brown experience are not asked to abandon their outlooks, but they are challenged to see issues through others’ eyes.

There is no single “Flinn-Brown position” on any public-policy issue. In forums public and private, Fellows are welcome to present their experiences and perspectives, and should take care to avoid the appearance of speaking for all Fellows.

Fellows share another commitment, to expanding their public service in the near term, with destinations that include:

Graphic noting destinations for Flinn-Brown Fellows: state or local elected official; policy advisor; state agency/university executive; board or commission member; statewide organization executive

Please contact Jennifer Papworth with any questions about the program.

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