Grantmaking Guidelines

Given its highly targeted focus, the Foundation rarely funds unsolicited grant requests, preferring to invite proposals that contribute to the Foundation’s strategic goals and show evidence of promoting institutional collaborations and funding partnerships.

In the biosciences, grants are intended to build the core organizational capacity of Arizona’s universities, research institutes, and related organizations to collaborate in efforts to strengthen the state’s bioscience and biomedical research infrastructure.

In arts and culture, the Foundation’s grant funding is primarily limited to Arizona arts and culture organizations with annual operating budgets of $2.5 million or more.

Grants to support the Flinn Scholars Program are awarded to the state’s public universities, not to individual students. The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership does not involve grantmaking at present.

Flinn Foundation Board of Directors, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Rosellen C. Papp, C.F.A.
Rosellen C. Papp, C.F.A.
Vice Chair, Treasurer, Flinn Foundation Board of Directors

Grants are made to Arizona-based institutions or those whose programs are operated for the benefit of Arizona. Grants are made only for charitable purposes to tax-exempt nonprofit organizations which have qualified for exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and generally are not those classified as private foundations. Grants awarded can include Indirect Costs (IDC) of up to 10% of the Total Direct Costs (TDC) only.

The Foundation does not grant funds in response to fundraising campaigns, make grants to individuals, or support studies or projects of groups advocating for a political or public-policy perspective. The Foundation rarely awards grants to refurbish or construct new or additional facilities or buildings; establish an endowment; sponsor events; support publications, videos, or other media-related projects; or provide ongoing operating expenses or deficit needs.