Civic Leadership


The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership identifies and trains future state-level leaders to serve in public-policy roles. The independent, nonpartisan center was created by the Flinn Foundation in 2010 to strengthen civic leadership at the state level.

The Flinn-Brown Academy, the center’s flagship program, selects about 35 people annually from all perspectives and walks of life to participate in a high-level seminar series over three months, followed by continuing education and networking opportunities; there are now nearly 300 Flinn-Brown Fellows in the expanding network. Fellows are expected to work to achieve state-level leadership within three years of participating in the Academy, serving as elected public officials, policy advisers, members of state boards and commissions, and executives within state agencies. The Academy receives funding support from the Thomas R. Brown Foundations in Tucson.

The center also features the Arizona Civic Leadership Collaborative, which serves as a resource and convener to the more than 50 local and regional leadership programs around the state, and a public outreach/communications program.

The Flinn Foundation sponsors and administers all programs of the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership as part of its long-term investment in leadership and advancing work to benefit Arizona’s future generations.

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