Alumni Flinn Scholars

For each of the Flinn Scholars Program’s more than 650 alumni, there is a unique path after college.

Hundreds of Flinn Scholars have continued to graduate school, often in their chosen fields’ highest-ranked programs. Choose any class of alumni, and you find Scholars with emerging and established careers as physicians, software engineers, heads of nonprofits, professors, startup founders, public officials, artists, and many other fields.

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A tradition of opening doors

The Flinn Scholars culture is strong, with alumni staying involved with the Flinn Scholars Program long after their undergraduate studies end. Every year, many alumni connect with current Flinn Scholars and fellow alumni to open doors, share job postings and career-development guidance, offer advice during times of transition, and welcome new arrivals to a graduate school or city. It’s a core part of the Flinn Scholars experience.

The Flinn Scholars Directory offers an easy way to find alumni from the same hometown or high school, or who share a major, or who chose a particular graduate school or career field. More in-depth portraits emerge from a growing set of Scholars profiles. And check out FLINNtalks where alumni talk about their experiences as a Flinn Scholar and how the Scholarship led them to where they are today.


Each year, Flinn Scholar alumni are asked to return to the Flinn Foundation headquarters in Phoenix for interviews of prospective Flinn Scholars, as well as events such as “Life Hack Day” plus cross-pollinating opportunities through the Foundation’s other programs, in the biosciences, arts and culture, and civic leadership. Each August finds alumni at the program’s annual retreat making connections with the approximately 80 current Flinn Scholars attending Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. And in December 2023, about 150 Scholar alumni from every decade of the program—and nearly every cohort—gathered at the Flinn Foundation for a special evening reception.

The six-member Flinn Scholar Alumni Council supports the Flinn Scholars Program by providing feedback and advice to Flinn Foundation staff, undertaking initiatives to enhance the experience of current Flinn Scholars, and cultivating a meaningful network of Flinn Scholar alumni.

The Flinn Scholars Program sends a quarterly newsletter, News from Home, to all Scholar alumni. The first edition was sent in February 2024.