C-Path CEO confident non-profit will grow, create local science jobs

March 5, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: Arizona Daily Star, Stephanie Innes] – A local non-profit that wants patients to get cheaper and more effective prescription drugs remains optimistic about creating science jobs here, even though money from a major source — Science Foundation Arizona — is on the state’s chopping block.

The Critical Path Institute, known as C-Path, had been counting on $9 million from Science Foundation Arizona over the next four years. After that, the institute’s business model calls for it to be self-sustaining.

C-Path has 25 employees in Tucson and five in Maryland.

President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Raymond L. Woosley said members are regrouping and looking for other funding. Since it began in Tucson five years ago, C-Path has received $3.75 million from city and county governments, plus $7.25 million from the community, including local foundations.

Woosley expects to keep the first year of the Science Foundation Arizona funding promise. He isn’t certain about the rest.

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