Cities name Loop 101 tech corridor

August 5, 2005

By hammersmith

Hoping to gain national recognition in the biosciences, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler have teamed up to market a 30 mile stretch of research, technology, and manufacturing businesses along the Loop 101 freeway.

The stretch, which is being called the Loop 101 Tech Corridor, runs from Scottsdale north of the Mayo Clinic to Intel Corp.’s Ocotillo campus in south Chandler. According to the Arizona Republic, the area includes hundreds of technology, research, and manufacturing companies, 10 educational institutions, and an average household income of $75,000.

Valley officials began marketing the corridor for the first time in June at the Biotechnology Industry Organization 2005 convention in Philadelphia.

For more information:

Cities tout Loop 101 tech corridor,” Arizona Republic, 06/20/2005