Eight Maricopa Rodel Exemplary Teachers named

December 11, 2009

By hammersmith

Eight Maricopa Rodel Exemplary Teachers named

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Eight Valley teachers who are bringing out the best in their students have been named 2010 Rodel Exemplary Teachers.

This year’s winners include the first Rodel Exemplary Teachers from the Dysart Unified and Pendergast Elementary districts.

The award, presented by the Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona, recognizes highly effective teachers in high-need communities who have great potential to mentor student teachers.

The Exemplary Teachers were identified through a combination of student achievement data, principal nominations, classroom observations and interviews.

“High-quality teachers are a key to closing the achievement gap,” said Rodel President and CEO Carol Peck.

“The Exemplary Teachers have already demonstrated their ability to push their students toward outstanding achievement. Now they will have the opportunity to reach far beyond their own classrooms by preparing the next generation of teachers,” she added.

The Rodel Exemplary Teachers will be honored at an awards banquet in the spring and each will receive $10,000 in savings bonds. The Maricopa awards are supported in part by Salt River Project and JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

The eight winners from Maricopa County will be joined by three in Tucson and two in Flagstaff. Each of the Exemplary Teachers will go on to mentor a high-potential future teacher every semester for the next three years.

The Rodel Promising Student Teachers are selected from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, the University of Arizona, Grand Canyon University and Scottsdale Community College. More than 200 Rodel Promising Student Teacher Graduates are now teaching in high-need Arizona schools.

Since 2003, 106 Rodel Exemplary Teachers have been named. In three more years, more than 1,000 new teachers – mentored and trained by Rodel Exemplary Teachers – will have the potential to reach more than 1 million Arizona students.

Valley winners are Rebecca Andersen, Barcelona Middle; Barbara Carson, Lindberg Elementary; Holly Carter, Westwood Primary; Lori Chavira, Frye Elementary; Jessica Felix, Sunset Ridge School; Linda Heck, Dysart Elementary; Matt Rojas, Washington Elementary; and Kristie Webster, J.B. Sutton Elementary.

Maricopa County Rodel Exemplary Teachers

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Rebecca Andersen

Barcelona Middle School, Alhambra Elementary District
Fourth Grade
Read: Rebecca Andersen: Barcelona Middle School

Barbara Carson

Lindbergh Elementary School, Mesa Unified District
Second Grade ELD
Read: Barbara Carson: Lindberg Elementary School

Holly Carter

Westwood Primary School, Alhambra Elementary District
Third Grade
Read: Holly Carter: Westood Primary School

Lori Chavira

Frye Elementary School, Chandler Unified District
First Grade
Read: Lori Chavira: Frye Elementary School

Jessica Felix

Sunset Ridge, Pendergast Elementary District
Third Grade ELD
Read: Jessica Felix: Sunset Ridge Elementary

Linda Heck

Dysart Elementary School, Dysart Unified District
Fifth Grade
Read: Linda Heck: Dysart Elementary School

Matthew Rojas

Washington Elementary School, Washington Elementary School District
Third Grade ELD
Read: Matthew Rojas: Washington Elementary School

Kristie Webster

J.B. Sutton Elementary School, Isaac Elementary District
Fifth Grade
Read: Kristie Webster: J.B. Sutton Elementary School