April 21, 2008

By hammersmith

A while back, when we did grantwriting, one of our favorite places to go begging was Hedge Funds Care, a charity working to reduce child abuse. It was set up by some of those stock-market geniuses with good hearts and enough cash to buy Australia.

So we perked up a little when we got this update from Mathew Davies (’91):

I now work at Bridgewater Associates, an innovative investment company in Connecticut, just an hour north of New York City. It’s a great and challenging place to work, with a culture based on meritocracy and openness, rather than hierarchy. How I unexpectedly came to work in finance is another story, but Bridgewater has turned out to be the right place for my interests in organizational learning and global change.

The company is young and growing and there are opportunities here for generalists as well as specialists. If any current scholars or alums are interested in internships or a full-time job, please email me.

Sounds rather enticing, doesn’t it? Not that we’re going to dust off our c.v. and buy a bus ticket to Connecticut or anything like that. No, that would be ridiculous. Really, we’re in the middle of some important proje