All Kellie Mejdrich, all the time

February 7, 2011

By hammersmith

NewsprintAre you writing an essay about the impact on freelancers of AOL’s acquisition of the Huffington Post?

Are you at this very moment discoursing at length about how the New York Times can produce such weak coverage of the Super Bowl, when its coverage of Cairo is so strong?

If so, you might be one of Those Journalism People.

And if you are, you’ll be glad to know that the Arizona Daily Star has built a web page just for you: The Collected Works of Kellie Mejdrich (’08).

The University of Arizona junior is interning for the Star this semester, covering the City Hall beat. And so far, she’s writing really well. Sort of like she has been for a while at the Daily Wildcat. The Wildcat‘s Anthology of Kellie Mejdrich Classics is here