ASU announces new Biodesign Center to open in China

November 3, 2014

By hammersmith

Arizona State University and China’s Shandong University announced a partnership to focus on bio-inspired cancer and vaccine research along with other technology as part of a new Biodesign Center to open in China.

Shandong University’s Biodesign Center will be modeled after the ASU Biodesign Institute in Tempe, where researchers work to develop commercially viable health care, sustainability and security solutions by studying how the natural world is designed and how it functions.

The partnership is part of ASU’s continued effort to deepen and expand research and related initiatives across China, which includes working with more than 10 of China’s top universities.

The new Biodesign Center in Qingdao will allow experts at both universities to collaborate in research on chronic disease and other subjects.

For more information:

Joint venture expands ASU-China partnership,” ASU News, 10/28/14