Biozona Weekly: Second decade of Arizona

April 11, 2014

By hammersmith

Renewed push can make Arizona a biotech hub
4/10/14 | Arizona Republic | Editorial

More than a decade ago, Arizona began an effort to be a player in the bioscience industry. We’ve come a long way. But the state will not become a world-class bioscience hub without another big push. Enter “Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap: 2014-2025.”

New roadmap an ambitious ‘reset’ of Arizona’s bioscience goals
4/10/14 | Arizona Daily Star | Tom Beal

It will take patience and a huge infusion of money from private, institutional and government sources to push Arizona’s bioscience sector into the bright future envisioned by business leaders.

Second stage of Arizona Biosciences Roadmap launched
4/9/14 | KJZZ | Steve Goldstein

Arizona’s first biosciences roadmap was launched in 2002 as a strategy for the state to compete for higher-paying science jobs that could also lead to medical advancements. This week, with support from the Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation, the second stage of the roadmap begins.

Bioscience Roadmap to translate research into products
4/9/14 | Arizona Public Media | Andrea Kelly

Two researchers say the new roadmap for the future of Arizona biosciences paves the way for the industry to develop into an important part of the state’s economy.

Arizona biosciences industry targets more research revenue
4/8/14 | Arizona Republic | Peter Corbett

Arizona’s bioscience industry is aiming to increase research revenue for institutions statewide by 69 percent over the next decade to $782 million and attract additional anchors for the sector, among a number of goals and strategies the Flinn Foundation identified in the “Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap: 2014-2025” report unveiled in Phoenix. Read also: Bioscience a $36 billion boon industry in Arizona

Bioscience experts in Arizona to update state’s Bioscience Roadmap
4/8/14 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

Walter Plosila, senior advisor for the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice who is in Arizona this week to update Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap with luncheons in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, said the state is known as a top emerging bioscience state, but has a way to go before it can be considered a heavy hitter in the industry.

Flinn Foundation report charts latest progress for Arizona bioscience sector
4/8/14 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

Arizona’s bioscience industry now has 106,846 jobs generating an average wage of $62,775, and generates $14 billion in annual revenue–$36 billion including hospitals–according to the Flinn Foundation’s bioscience roadmap report.