Graduating Flinn Scholars ready for new life adventures

May 5, 2014

By hammersmith

Seventeen Flinn Scholars graduating this year from the three Arizona state universities will be embarking on new paths that include graduate school, the workforce, and service pursuits.

The graduating Scholars were honored during the annual Flinn Scholars Recognition Dinner May 3 at the Arizona Biltmore. Each was called by name and presented with a broadside certificate commemorating their participation in the Flinn Scholars Program. The dinner, which also honored the 20 Scholars from the Class of 2014 and their Distinguished Educators, was attended by family members, alumni, university officials, and community leaders.

The graduating Scholars—from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona—majored in a wide range of subjects. They range from biomedical engineering, physics, and computer science, to economics, global studies, and philosophy.

Among the graduates are several who received major national and international scholarships and fellowships, including a Fulbright Scholarship, a Udall Scholarship, two Goldwater Scholarships, and a Churchill Scholarship. Daniel Fried, chosen earlier this year as one of just 14 Churchill Scholars nationwide, is only the second Arizona undergraduate to win the Churchill, joining Diane Thomson, also a Flinn Scholar, who received the Churchill in 1994.

One distinguishing characteristic of the Flinn Scholarship is its emphasis on ensuring the Scholars have a range of in-depth extracurricular experiences that dovetail with their academic pursuits, an approach to the undergraduate experience that recent research by Gallup and Purdue University suggests will lead to fulfilling professional experiences and measures of well-being.

This emphasis is reflected in the post-baccalaureate choices of many of the graduating Flinn Scholars:

Tina Cai: Teach English in China with the Yongfeng Fellowship, then pursue graduate studies at the School of Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University.

Daming Chen: Pursue a doctorate in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Leah Edwards: Work at Dodge & Cox Funds in San Francisco.

John Ernzen: Pursue a doctorate in education policy and evaluation at Arizona State University.

Daniel Fried: Pursue a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Cambridge.

Lindsey Gibson: Work as a registered nurse before applying for graduate school.

Quentin Gunn: Pursue graduate studies in econometrics or actuarial science.

Derek Huang: Pursue a doctorate in biophysics at Stanford University.

Allison Lambourne: Working for KidZ at Heart and will pursue seminary graduate studies in 2015.

Galen Lamphere-Englund
: Pursue a master’s degree in international studies at the University of Washington.

Savannah Martin: Work as a yoga teacher and pursue Peace Corps or AmeriCorps VISTA before entering graduate school.

Rae Anne Martinez: Work as a research assistant at Translational Genomics Research Institute.

Laura Moedano: Work in the medical field before applying for medical school in 2015.

Lauren Sandground: Work in Washington, D.C., in international human rights or women’s empowerment.

Jonah Thomas: Pursue a 4+1 master’s degree in biomedical engineering.

Kevin Thomas: Conduct research in sports biomechanics at the University of Calgary, then apply to medical or graduate school.

Bethany Vu: Work and travel for SEED Ministry, then work full time before applying to graduate school.

The Flinn Scholarship, which began in 1986, provided these students a comprehensive educational package valued at more than $100,000. The scholarship includes the cost of tuition to one of the state’s three public universities, room and board, funding for international study-related travel and professional development, university faculty mentorship, and other benefits. Each award is provided through a partnership between the Flinn Foundation and the universities. 

The Flinn Scholar community has grown to 545 people, including current Scholars and alumni.

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