STEMAz honors 2 teacher “Innovation Heroes”

May 26, 2009

By hammersmith

Arizona’s STEM Education Center (STEMAz) is celebrating excellence in STEM education by honoring two of Arizona’s many outstanding teachers who are making science, technology, engineering and math education relevant and impactful for students to learn.  Kicking off STEMAz’s “Innovation Heroes” awards program earlier this month are Peoria Unified School District Engineering teacher Dr. Brison Torbert and Flowing Wells Unified School District teacher Michael Marbut.

Dr. Torbert pioneered an engineering program for students at his school, Liberty High, that is now district-wide and incorporates teaching methods and material that students can readily understand.  During a recent lesson, he challenged his class to hit marshmallows with golf clubs to demonstrate concepts in tangent ratios.  And, he introduced complicated engineering software by inviting students to draw their favorite animated characters.  For more information, click here:

Michael Marbut, a sixth grade science and math teacher at Laguna Elementary in Tucson, worked with students to design and build a tortoise habitat and a living pond complete with wildlife.  He is currently involving his classes in the construction of an on campus miniature version of the Sonoran Desert. Michael engages students by making the subjects entertaining and interactive, increasing their ability to learn and absorb lessons and complicated concepts. For more information, click here: