Students share research to conclude KEYS internships

July 22, 2011

By hammersmith

[From Inside Tucson Business]

Five weeks of reserach at the University of Arizona has concluded for the latest cohort of participants in the KEYS internship program, one of Arizona’s great summer research opportunities for young people. The program is sponsored by the UA College of Pharmacy and the BIO5 Institute.

“This is what the University of Arizona is all about,” said Jennifer Barton, a UA biomedical engineering professor and assistant director of the Bio5 Institute. “It’s important that we serve the state of Arizona.”


Their research covered a diverse spectrum of topics, including the effects of habitat fragmentation among mountain lion populations, genetic characteristics of rice that could help maximize harvest yields and the foraging behavior of honeybees.

Businessman Thomas Keating, who is also a Bio5 Institute benefactor, said the students work and that of the scientists they’ve teamed with was an inspiration.

“It’s so easy to admire these people,” Keating said.

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