TGen announces partnership with helmet-maker to study concussions

May 16, 2013

By hammersmith

TGen and Easton-Bell Sports, through its Riddell brand, will jointly participate in a study designed to advance athlete concussion detection and treatment. Information gathered through the study will also be used to develop new football headgear and further refine updates to player monitoring technology.   

The study will combine players’ genetic information with Riddell’s monitoring technology, which provides information on the number and severity of head blows suffered during games and practice. The study will seek to answer whether concussion-triggering head blows can be identified through a blood-based molecular test. It will focus first on football but may expand to include hockey, baseball, cycling and other sports.

The genesis of this potentially groundbreaking study is to merge a player’s genetic information with real-time microelectronic information captured by Riddell’s Sideline Response System (SRS), which provides researchers, athletic staff and players with a wide range of valuable information on the number and severity of head impacts a player receives during games and practices.   

The study is expected to begin this fall with an Arizona-based college football team, but no agreement has been announced. TGen also will consult with Phoenix-based Barrow Neurological Institute, which operates a program that treats people with traumatic brain or spinal-cord injuries.

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