These Tucson interns are all grown up, reports USA Today

July 10, 2009

By hammersmith

These interns are all grown up

Some math and science teachers in Arizona are serving as well-paid summer interns thanks to a new program that pairs teachers with local businesses for summer jobs, the Arizona Daily Star reports.

Raytheon, Sundt Construction and Texas Instruments are among businesses paying industry wages to teachers serving as interns this summer through a program created by the University of Arizona and supported by the Tucson Values Teachers program and a Science Foundation Arizona grant.

The Daily Star reported that the program encourages teachers to bring real-world knowledge back to the classroom. And the businesses can show teachers what they need from future employees.

John Guerrero, 37, is a seventh-grade math teacher in the Vail School District. He is interning as a field engineer on the $15 million expansion and renovation of Tucson High Magnet School.

“What I wanted to do was hone my craft as a teacher,” he said. “When I saw this, I was really drawn to the idea of getting into the real world and seeing how to bring that into the classroom.”

Source: These Tucson interns are all grown up, reports USA Today