Arizona Bioscience News: UA fights valley fever, cancer in dogs; ASU completes microRNA study; NeoLight CEO honored by Forbes

January 6, 2017

By Matt Ellsworth

ASU_2Forbes 30 under 30: Healthcare / Forbes

Vivek Kopparthi, cofounder and CEO of Scottsdale-based NeoLight, which created a phototherapy treatment device to cure jaundice in babies, was named to Forbes 30 Under 30-Healthcare for 2017.

Drug developed at the University of Arizona could fight dog cancer / Arizona Daily Star

The University of Arizona has exclusively licensed the rights to a cancer drug—developed by a former faculty member—to a California company for development as a treatment for cancer in dogs.

Collaboration drives development in Flagstaff / AZ Big Media

The Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona, an economic-development organization supported by 16 regional agencies in northern Arizona, works collaboratively across public and private sectors to cultivate economic growth in the biosciences and other industries.

UA lagging behind peers in efforts to bring inventions to market / Arizona Daily Star

The University of Arizona’s efforts to bring inventions to market are lagging behind its peers, but where it is not falling short is in its ability to do more with less, national data shows.

University of Arizona makes big progress on valley-fever vaccine for dogs / Arizona Daily Star

University of Arizona researchers, buoyed by support from dog lovers and a California pharmaceutical startup, say a canine vaccine against valley fever could be available within 10 years.

ASU completes largest-ever microRNA study / Arizona Science Desk

An Arizona State University team has used a unique high-throughput screening system to complete the largest-ever analysis of microRNAs (miRNA), the little cousins of RNA that help regulate gene expression.

AZ Tech Council, AZ Commerce and community colleges team to train 16-29 year olds for tech jobs / Phoenix Business Journal

The Arizona Technology Council, Arizona Commerce Authority, and community-college districts of Maricopa, Cochise and Pima have teamed up to train 16-29 year olds for technology and IT positions.

4 Arizona investors commit extra funds to annual Venture Madness contest / Phoenix Business Journal

One or more of the top 16 finalists of the 2017 Venture Madness business competition will share from a pool of $300,000 in investment dollars, triple the amount from the previously announced $100,000 prize.

Elevating Arizona’s tech sector for faster growth / AZ Big Media

Steven Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council, writes that 2017 may be Arizona’s most robust year following the recession but increased investments and risk capital are needed.

App designed by ASU students hopes to diagnose epilepsy quickly, efficiently / AZ Big Media

A company formed by two Arizona State University students has created the app EpiFinder with hopes to accurately diagnose epilepsy at the first point of contact.