CivEx: Running for Office

September 28, 2023

By Jessica Vaile

Flinn-Brown Fellow and Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission Voter Education Director Gina Roberts (Phoenix, 2019) facilitated a workshop for individuals interested in learning the essential skills and knowledge needed to run a successful political campaign.

Joining Roberts on the webinar was Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission Executive Director Tom Collins as well as campaign strategy experts Constantin Querard, founder and president of Grassroots Partners, LLC, and Stacy Pearson, co-founder of Lumen Strategies.

As experts in campaign strategy with two of the state’s leading public affairs firms, they discussed factors an individual should consider when thinking about running for office. These include the role of a campaign team, fundraising, engaging with voters, and the most effective platforms for developing a campaign strategy tailored to a candidate’s goals, constituents, and political landscape.