Federal agencies announce STEM education grants

March 30, 2009

By hammersmith

Federal agencies announce STEM education grants

Here are some grant opportunities for educators to review and consider:

National Science Foundation

Science of Learning Centers Grant: http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&flag2006=false&oppId=46251

Innovations in Engineering Education, Curriculum and Infrastructure Grant: http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&flag2006=false&oppId=45632

Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering Grant: http://www.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&flag2006=true&oppId=18746

U.S. Department of Education

Charter School Programs CFDA 84.282A Grant: http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&flag2006=false&oppId=45354

Office of Innovation and Improvement; Overview Information: Teacher Quality Partnership Grants Program – Recovery Act (ARRA) CFDA (84.405A) Grant: http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&flag2006=false&oppId=46359

Intitute of Education Sciences announces the Institute’s FY 2010 competitions for grants to support education research and special education research. The announcement outlines the process of applying for 11 separate research competitions through two national centers. The National Center for Education Research will hold 7 competitions: 2 competitions for education research; 1 competition for education research training; 1 competition for education research and development centers; 1 competition for research on statistical and research methodology in education; and 2 competitions for evaluation of State and local education programs and policies. The National Center for Special Education Research will hold 4 competitions: 2 competitions for special education research, 1 competition for special education research training, and 1 competition for special education research and development centers. Separate topics are identified for each competition. Eligibility for all competitions is unrestricted domestically. Deadlines vary by competition between June 25 and Oct. 1. More information, including application packages, is available at: http://ies.ed.gov/funding/10rfas.asp