Film icon Edward James Olmos to meet with Scholars

September 1, 2010

By hammersmith

Centennial Lecturer Edward James OlmosIn 1985, the Flinn Foundation made a grant to Arizona State University establishing an endowment in honor of the the university’s 100th anniversary. The endowment gave birth to the Centennial Lecture, one of the premier annual cultural events at ASU.

A great perk for Flinn Scholars: because of the lecture’s tie to the Foundation, each Centennial Lecturer’s weeklong stay at ASU includes a session with current Flinn Scholars (from any of Arizona’s universities).

During my own undergraduate experience as a Scholar, there were few experiences more invigorating than those sessions with the Centennial Lecturer–luminaries like naturalist Stephen Jay Gould, journalist James Fallows, and writer Annie Dillard.

So a word of advice to current Scholars: Get your organic-chemistry homework done early and don’t miss the chance to meet Edward James Olmos, one of the premier actors working today, who will be meeting with Scholars on October 10.

Those of you in the broader community: Olmos will present his public lecture, entitled “We’re All in the Same Gang,” on October 12. It’s free. It’s timely. You can read more about it on the Barrett Honors College website.