Flinn Scholarship application is due Sept. 27

August 23, 2021

By Matt Ellsworth

The journey to earning the prestigious Flinn Scholarship is well underway for Arizona high-school seniors.

The application for the Class of 2022 is now open. The deadline to apply is Sept. 27 at 5 p.m.

The Flinn Scholarship—valued at more than $130,000—covers tuition, fees, housing, and meals at one of Arizona’s three public universities, plus study abroad.

Each year, about 20 excelling Arizona high-school seniors are selected for the prestigious merit-based award. Prospective Flinn Scholars are evaluated on criteria such as grade-point average and class rank, but also on leadership and involvement, service to the community, ability to communicate, and personal characteristics.

The application will be comprised of:

  • forms that collect biographical and family data and information about current studies, extracurricular activities, and employment;
  • Three essay prompts and five short-answer questions;
  • Two teacher recommendations, submitted separately by those teachers;
  • A report from the academic counselor at the applicant’s high school, submitted separately by the counselor; and
  • A copy of the applicant’s transcript, uploaded by the counselor.

For Class of 2022 Flinn Scholarship applicants, SAT or ACT scores will not be required or considered.

More information about the Flinn Scholarship and its application process will be discussed during a live, virtual information session scheduled for Sept. 1. Registration is now available.

In addition to the $120,000 value, the Flinn Scholarship, established in 1986 by the Flinn Foundation, also provides:

  • An extraordinary community of more than 670 current and alumni Flinn Scholars, including about 80 Scholars studying at the three universities at any given time;
  • Membership in a university honors college, with amenities including small classes, access to top researchers, and guest lectures;
  • Personal mentoring from top faculty, and exposure to Arizona and global leaders in business, government, science, and the arts;
  • Intellectual, cultural, and social activities developed exclusively for Flinn Scholars by both the Flinn Foundation and the universities; and
  • Funding for a three-week summer seminar after the Scholar’s freshman year and for at least one additional study-abroad experience.

The Flinn Scholarship is about who you become and the impact you make. Learn more at www.flinnscholars.org.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call (602) 744-6802.