Graduating scholars to embark on new paths

May 10, 2013

By hammersmith


Sixteen graduating Flinn Scholars, who are preparing to start new life adventures later this year, were honored during the Flinn Scholars Program’s annual Recognition Dinner May 4 at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix.

These scholars help to make up a community of 525 people, including the 20 new Scholars from the Class of 2013 who were also honored during the dinner attended by family members, Scholar alumni, university officials, educators, and community leaders.

Many of the graduating scholars—who have excelled in research, writing, art, community service, science and business among other fields— will be continuing their education next year, either by pursuing a master’s degree, a CPA or starting medical school. Others will be joining the workforce, while some scholars will be completing fellowships or serving at nonprofits.

Katherine Cai will pursue a master’s degree in statistics at Arizona State University before pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Hugh Chung will also stay at ASU, pursuing a master’s degree and doctorate in electrical engineering. Emma Kleiner will attend Stanford Law School, Julie Lyon will pursue a master of accounting degree and CPA at the University of Arizona, while Adam Martinez will pursue a doctorate in applied mathematics at the University of Arizona. Sachi Patel will attend medical school at Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University or Yale University. And Blake Thomson will serve as Post-Bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington before attending Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Those scholars joining the workforce include Ravi Ram, who after graduating in December will begin work as a management consultant. Benjamin Sanchez will work as a commodity manager for American Airlines in Dallas. Jennifer Chen, who has trained in business logistics, plans to pursue work in supply-chain management before pursing an MBA. Laurel Gray will work as an operations coordinator providing health and legal case management at Casa Marianella, a shelter for migrants and refugees in Austin, Texas. And Mark McCarty, following a sales internship this summer, will pursue a position with the United States Foreign Service.

Some scholars are planning other projects first before returning to school. Dawn Cole will pursue a teaching Fulbright fellowship in Tajikistan following her graduation in December. Michael Weingartner plans to work for a year before pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing, while Lauren Johnston will complete a fellowship with the New England Food Vision Project this summer before working in environmental consulting and later pursuing doctoral studies in ecology. And Nesima Aberra will work in the nonprofit and social-enterprise sector with future plans of graduate studies in public administration/policy and international development.

The Flinn Scholarship is a merit-based award that provides a comprehensive educational package at an Arizona public university valued at $100,000. The program, supported by the Flinn Foundation, started in 1986.