On the pursuit of racial justice and equity

June 12, 2020

By Matt Ellsworth

The Flinn Foundation stands with all who speak and work to defeat racism and violence in our nation, especially the scourge of systemic violence against the Black community.

George Floyd’s killing by police officers in Minneapolis, following so many tragedies like it before, has rightfully galvanized a movement for justice, a movement that today requires protest and nonviolent resistance. In the words of civil-rights hero John Lewis, it’s a time for “good trouble.” History has taught us that “good trouble” is a catalyst for real change.

The pursuit of racial justice and equity is a responsibility we share. Within our team, we have begun dialogue that will continue and will lead to action. In each of the Flinn Foundation’s program areas—the biosciences, education, civic leadership, and the arts—we have listening to do, learning to do, and work to do: in how we identify and support our grantees and program participants, in how we leverage our leadership to remove barriers, in how we share power and amplify others’ voices.

To that last end, we encourage Arizonans to draw on the catalog of How to support Arizona’s Black community developed by Kim Covington of the Arizona Community Foundation. This list includes philanthropic funds, community organizations serving and representing the Black community, and direct-service and historic Black organizations.