Tolleson superintendent pledges STEM focus

March 28, 2011

By hammersmith

[From the Arizona Republic]

In the West Valley, STEM education has a new champion in charge:

Tolleson Elementary School District governing board members promoted Lupita Hightower to superintendent.

Hightower, who is in her third year with the district, was promoted three times this year – once after the assistant superintendent left in June, and twice after the superintendent left late last semester.

In a brief Q&A, Dr. Hightower stated that she wanted to focus more on STEM education in lower grades:

Q: What are your top goals as the district’s new leader?

A: Definitely to be able to offer more opportunities for students in STEM . . . science, technology, engineering and math. Right now we have tried to bring a lot of opportunities after school and during summer school. Our sixth through eighth grade is definitely set with those classes, but our younger grades don’t get them as much. So really, (I want to) provide these opportunities for the students so they are able to collaborate with each other and (so) they are able to gain those 21st-century skills. So they’re problem solving and using their critical thinking skills more than your typical reading and math programs.

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