What’s the score, Kenneth?

December 29, 2007

By hammersmith

If you’re like us, your cell phone is still recharging, after almost burning out completely Thursday from all the text messages announcing Texas touchdowns in the Holiday Bowl.

We really have no idea how Robb Modica (’92) keeps track of everything.

Robb, already a veteran collegiate athletics administrator, is part of the design/hosting/management team at PrestoSports, which provides those bling-filled websites to athletic teams and departments at colleges and universities all over the country. Text-message updates are just the tip of the iceberg. And he’s the owner of D3Scoreboard, which provides schedules, results, and standings info for about a zillion Division-III schools and their teams.

(In light of that football game the other night, we hereby announce that we’re on the bandwagon of the Ramapo College Roadrunners. We’re pretty sure their basketball team can bounce back after a close loss to Clark University.)