Where will the smartest STEM people be Sept. 16?

September 14, 2010

By hammersmith

On the afternoon of Sept. 16, the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel will play host to an important meeting aimed at strengthening the Arizona STEM Initiative.

The purpose of the meeting: “Establish an Arizona STEM Network to make the leap from incremental improvements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to a transformational change that supports a vibrant economy.”

Among the several sessions will be this outstanding one, at 12:30:

“STEM International Competitiveness, STEM Importance in our Economy and Arizona’s Story of Readiness”

  • Moderator – Bill Harris, President & CEO, SFAz
  • Erich Bloch, former director of the National Science Foundation, SFAz Board Member
  • Martina Newell-McGloughlin, Director of University of California’s Biotechnology Research and Education Program, SFAz Board Member
  • Eileen Klein, Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor of Arizona
Organizers are hoping to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Establish framework to move the STEM Initiative forward.
  • Understand and clarify the importance of STEM to Arizona’s economic future.
  • Recognize current efforts and how they can be supported and enhanced by an Arizona STEM Network.
  • Understand research, best practices and implications in Arizona’s plan.
  • Identify practical results of an Arizona STEM Initiative for participants.
The meeting is sponsored by Science Foundation Arizona, the Helios Education Foundation, and Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement.