Arizona Bioscience News: COVID-19 in Arizona; UArizona awarded $3.4M NIH grant to study memory loss

May 21, 2020

By Matt Ellsworth

Arizona’s three state universities plan a return to campus this fall, and a former surgeon general will lead the University of Arizona task force that will plan the school’s reopening. Arizona State University is modeling COVID-19 data and projects a continued increase in cases as businesses begin to reopen. Testing availability continues to increase as ASU researchers work to develop a saliva-based coronavirus test. And health leaders are preparing for more cases, including a potential surge later this year and in 2021.

Will Arizona get hit by a second wave of COVID-19? Here’s what we know / Arizona Republic

University of Arizona launches task force to plan for campus reopening / Arizona Daily Star

Professor, former surgeon general to run incident command center for UA return / Arizona Public Media

Arizona State University modelers post COVID-19 data / KJZZ

New ASU coronavirus model projects jump in cases, hospitalizations / 12 News

Weekly Update with Dr. Paul Keim: Drugs and therapies for COVID-19 / KNAU

Young Flagstaff researchers adapt to COVID-19 / Arizona Daily Sun

With a shortage of face masks, Phoenix hospital turns to 3D printing / Arizona Republic

More than 1,000 health care workers sign up for antibody tests in first afternoon / Arizona Public Media

Experts say health care workers should get tested frequently for COVID-19. Are they in Arizona? / Arizona Republic

COVID-19 testing everywhere in Arizona, but which is best to take? / KJZZ

Arizona routinely ranks last in the nation for COVID-19 testing. Here are some reasons why / Arizona Republic

ASU scientists developing saliva-based coronavirus test, aim to reduce barriers to widespread testing / ABC 15

Most antibody tests not as precise as they could be which may increase spread of coronavirus / 12 News

Maricopa County Health Department ramping up COVID-19 contact tracing / KJZZ

UArizona investigates how COVID-19 impacts the brain / AZ Big Media

Studies don’t show blood pressure drugs increase COVID-19 risk / KJZZ

Phoenix-area doctor recovers from near-fatal bout with coronavirus / KJZZ

Arizona researchers study safer treatment option for coronavirus / Chamber Business News

Second publicly traded Arizona biotech firm secures a PPP loan  / Phoenix Business Journal

Here’s how COVID-19 will change healthcare facility design / AZ Big Media

Federal grant to help UArizona scientist focus on memory loss treatments / Phoenix Business Journal

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a $3.4 million grant to a University of Arizona researcher studying memory loss and cognitive impairment prevention.

Autism training for law enforcement developed in Tempe /

A new training simulator for law enforcement developed at the VirTra headquarters in Tempe, in conjunction with the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, will help police spot behavioral cues of people on the autism spectrum.

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